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  • Work Package 7: European Common Dissemination

    The work package covers resources to contribute, upon request by the IEEA, to common dissemination activities shared by the IEE projects in order to increase synergies amongst the projects and visibility of the project results.


    Task 1 . Contribution to the development of online information systems under IEEA management (e.g. project fact sheets, reports, slides, electronic deliverables, images) in the quality and form specified

    Task 2 . Participation and/or contribution, to information and dissemination events (contractors' workshops, conferences, briefing days, exhibitions, etc.) related to Intelligent Energy – Europe or other relevant EU programmes

    Task 3. Contribution to the preparation of common presentation material related to IEE actions, like the “Intelligent Energy News” newsletter and other printable or audiovisual media developed by the IEEA

    •  Outcome of this work package:

    •  Delivering of contributions to the online information systems and web-sites

    •  Participation in information and dissemination events, such as contractor's workshops, conferences

    Delivery of common presentation material and media tools

Integrated Promotion of the biodiesel chain
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