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  • Work Package 6: Communication and Dissemination


    The main objectives of this Work Package is carrying out an adequate and well prepared dissemination plan of the project's principal activities aimed at the designated beneficiaries and at various levels, thus achieving high dissemination profile of project's principal results throughout its various stages.


    Task 6.0 Communication and dissemination Plan. The plan will be: horizontal, vertical and specific dissemination line.

    •  Participation at the thematic conferences and workshops dealing with biodiesel (appearance at five national conferences, two in Spain and the rest in the other participating countries). One international presentation of the project.

    •  Assessment service to other Agencies or Local Authorities all over Europe in order to replicate the project in other regions.

    •  Final CD of the project collecting all the information of the project. This will be distributed not only in participating areas but in three new member states or candidate countries. The organizations that will collaborate on this tasks will be:

    Energy Agency of Zagreb , Croatia

    Harghita Energy Agency , Romania

    The Regional Environmental Center , Slovakia 

    Task 6.1 Project's web page into four languages, which will also be updated on a periodical basis and will allow downloads of info relative to the project's execution, its objectives and the achieved result.

    Task 6.2 Bulletin publication and articles. Semester bulletin with an objective of stirring interest in the project results among the designated target groups (one every six months, approximately four pages long). The task will also include the publication of articles in specialized professional magazines (two per each partner of the principal partners) 

    Outcome of this work package:

    •  Systematic dissemination throughout the project aimed at the designated target groups and prepared in an attractive and concise format with the use of a gender neutral language.

    •  Participation in contractors' meetings, conferences…


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