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  • Work Package 5: Public Awareness Campaign


    WP5 is aimed at overcoming the awareness barrier widely extended amongst the general public. It will be performed in a cooperation with local authorities and other relevant bodies (biodiesel distributors, farmers, big consumers associations, college of agronomist, etc.) in order to promote the importance of using biodiesel and specifically in transport sector.


    Task 5.0 Creation of a biodiesel and transport exhibition. Creation and launch of a 5 two-month exhibition, one per province or region, travelling from one city to another (covering the main four cities per province or region) intended for the general audience and organized in a very accessible and public spot, depending upon the preferences of the partners, the exhibition will be characterized by the following:

    •  Integration of raw material production and consumption in biodiesel supply chain.

    •  Corresponding video and text support to provide appropriate info, equipment functioning, crops…

    •  Located in a highly public spot and open to the public, free of charge.

    •  Support from the local biodiesel producers and distributors.

    •  If appropriate, promotion of Bioethanol.

    Task 5.1 Development a “biodiesel points card”. A “points card” to measure the biodiesel consumption, in order to award tax cut to users.

    Task 5.2 General promotion of Biodiesel. The purpose of this task is to design, launch and implement a four-month long awareness campaign. The latter, will be led various means including:

    •  Radio, local TV ads.

    •  Articles in specialized publications.

    •  Jumbo posters along the highly public areas and/or major crossroads within the cities.

    •  Web page announcements.

    •  Information and promotional booklets: one addressed to the general public explaining the actual Energy context in Europe and the benefits of these kind of fuels. And a second one addressed to specialized authorities, biodiesel distributors, farmers associations and big consumers associations. This last booklet will deal with the following issues: general information of the European Energy context, National and local regulations regarding the transport sector, benefits of this kind of fuels for the biodiesel producers, distributors and their clients and emerging market for farmers.

    Outcome of this work package:

    •  General and gradual rise of awareness of the general public, as well as specific target groups.

    •  Developing of new and original initiatives, such us a “biodiesel points card”.


Integrated Promotion of the biodiesel chain
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