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  • Work Package 4: Set up and enact innovative market initiatives


    WP4 will concentrate on bridging the detected legal and market sector barriers. It won't necessarily do so by imposing a new legislation, but rather seeking a prior consensus with the relevant associations and the business sector in itself. As a complementary measure, the WP will also introduce a commercial method of making the biodiesel more attractive, no only to farmers, but rather to potential clients, as big consumers, Local Authorities and general public. 


    Task 4.0 Commercial agreements between municipalities and biodiesel distributors. Promotion of new an innovative measures of stimulating the market of biodiesel through an encompassing commercial agreement between biodiesel distributors and Local Authorities with the participant Energy Agencies in a role of the intermediates. The agencies would put the two parties together and act here as the representatives of the consumer sector. In addition, the agency would be the one actually receiving the application and offering an advice on the most suitable use of biodiesel. The deal would be characterized, thus by the following elements:

    •  Proposal of contracts between City Councils and biodiesel distributors to establish selling points in relevant places of the municipalities.

    •  Proposal of commercial contracts, with competitive prices, for the City Council in order to promote biodiesel, using it in the municipal fleet.

    Task 4.1 Adjustment, adoption and enactment of specific legal measures. The purpose of this task is to prepare specific legal measures, such as obligation, tax cuts and incentives, regarding biodiesel consumption…, in order to introduce the biodiesel into the overall energy supply of transport.

    Task 4.2 Commercial contracts between large consumers and distributors. The purpose of the deal between biodiesel distributors and agents with relevant interest in biodiesel supply chain is to promote the use of biodiesel among large consumers, such as, farmers, taxi drivers, carriers … On the other hand, it is important to promote the creation of microinstallations owned by this kind of associations because they are involved in different phases of the biodiesel cycle. Thus, they could produce biodiesel by themselves. It could be an opportunity to diversify to other areas as well as they cover their main necessities.

    Outcome of this work package:

    •  Comprehensive set of legal and market tools aimed at facilitating the introduction of biodiesel into the transport sector

    Creating favourable conditions, by means of commercial contracts, for the market penetration of biodiesel, overall biodiesel market development and an increase the overall biodiesel production.


Integrated Promotion of the biodiesel chain
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