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  • Work Package 2: Analysis of the present day legal, technical and market barriers


    WP 2 is an in-depth analysis of the current rate of integration in the biodiesel supply chain and its potential amongst the partners. The analysis is also to detect all kind of barriers whether technical, legal and/or educational standing in the way of the integration of these two links in the biodiesel supply chain. The WP2 will conclude with the formulation of a clear three-pronged strategy with a set of defined objectives and aimed at bridging the detected barriers, along three axes: market, promotion and training. This will be achieved through a well formulated and precise document stating the precise goals and a defined time frame to achieve the same.


    Task 2.0 Comparative study. The comparative study of the current rate of biodiesel use will be based on the previous extensive data collection. This study should make known the exact rate of production and consumption of biodiesel in relation with the total fuel used in transport sector.

    Task 2.1 Analysis of barriers. Perform a full examination of the current technical standards, legal and market regulations and the educational capacities in order to detect the existent deficiencies in any of these areas, examining among other factors:

    •  Existing local parameters, if any, on the local level and the relevance of their technical norms.

    •  Existing local tax cuts, if any, examining their effectiveness and success.

    •  Current market initiatives and incentives to consume biodiesel.

    •  Potential labour market needs for the producers, mainly farmers.

    •  Adequacy of the existing educational and/or training programs in the field of Biodiesel.

    •  Contacts with the Coordinator of the project Pro-Biodiesel (EIE-05-111) in order to build over previous works.

    Task 2.2 Formulation of a three-pronged strategy. Creation of a conceptual strategy on integration of raw material supply and final consumption, based on three axes: market, promotion and training. This strategy will be based on the results of the studies and the exchange of the experiences among partners, carried out in the preceding tasks.

    Outcome of this work package:

    •  Full insight into the current situation on the ground when it comes to the present rate of biodiesel use within the partner's respective territories.

    •  Exhaustive analysis of the exact legal, promotional and educational barriers.

    •  Strategy to overcome the detected barriers along a three pronged approach.


Integrated Promotion of the biodiesel chain
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