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  • Work Package 1 : Coordination, Management and Evaluation


    WP 1 is the core of the project as it will allow its continual implementation and conclusion in a controlled and orderly manner guaranteeing the full upholding of the current rules and regulations of EU COM while delivering the expected results.


    Task 1.0 Launch reunion. Initial meeting of all the partners to be held in Burgos . The meeting will serve to establish the first direct contact between the chief and technical representatives of all partners and to carry out any possible updates of the project based on the recommendations from the EU COM. In addition, it will serve to define the rough outlook of the management, coordination and evaluation plan to be adopted shortly thereafter.

    Task 1.1 Coordination and management plan and its execution. A month and a half after the kick-off meeting, partners will adopt a definitive project implementation plan (tech. staff only, possible meeting in Italy ). The latter will specify the exact tasks that each partner will perform, time frame for their implementation, procedures to be respected while carrying them out, and the ways of keeping the coordinator informed and updated at all times. Communication actions will be carried out by means of telephone calls, e-mail, the project website, teleconferences…

    Task 1.2 Progress/ Interim/final reports. The CO will prepare and deliver full technical and financial report to the EU Commission informing in full detail on the state of the project, cost lines and the status of the activities as well as full results achieved along with the list and delivery of the associated products. Task will include, if necessary, financial audits to offer an additional point of view on the flow of the project.

    Task 1.3 Technical assessment. All activities will be evaluated continuously to assure their correct execution and to correct any possible faults and deficiencies (if necessary). Thus, internal assessment will follow the completion of the major WPs or be done on a set basis (every six months). There will be transnational meetings throughout the project of the Management (on a minimum of four occasions) and technical committee (minimum of three).

    Outcome of this work package:

    •  Optimum assignment of the tasks among the partners and an organized implementation of the project as well as the maintaining correspondence control throughout its duration in accordance with the EU rules and regulations, available means and set calendar.

    •  Financial and technical reports in the EU format intended for the DG TREN on project's implementation.

    Effective evaluation of the project's activities following their execution and correction of any possible faults as well as independent external evaluation on a quarterly basis.


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