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The direct outcomes the partners want to achieve by the end of the duration of the project are the following:

•  Well performed overall project's management, coordination and evaluation. Guarantee of the full compliance with the current EU rules and proceedings and maintenance of the standards of project's execution through the proper evaluation steps.

•  Full insight into the current rate of biodiesel use in the participating regions and accurate understanding of the local, legal and market situation and the barriers standing in a way of better and higher use of biodiesel in the participating areas. This will permit the formulation of a three-pronged strategy to integrate the stages of cultivation through to the final use in the biodiesel supply chain. This three-pronged strategy is focused on three aspects: market, promotion and training.

•  Understanding of the main weaknesses of the current collection practices of waste cooking oil networks in participating regions, analyzing the best practices to be implemented in other countries.

•  Knowledge about what are the different cultivation ways and different plants to produce biodiesel in participating regions.

•  Meeting the current training needs in the biodiesel market , mainly in the Agricultural Sector (aimed at farmers), showing the energy crops as an interesting alternative. The organization of these courses is described in WP3. The result will be farmers capable of cultivating energy crops obtaining the maximum performance.

•  Establishment of a confident market and sufficient legal incentives to further the cultivation of vegetable oils and biodiesel use on the local level, with Councils as key actors to change attitudes. One example could be the creation and/or modification of tax cuts for the vehicles which use biodiesel and the promotion of commercial contracts among City Councils and biodiesel distributors to establish biodiesel selling points in cities and towns.

•  Increase in biodiesel consumption through commercial contracts between agents with relevant interest in the biodiesel supply chain (Farmers Associations, Taxi Drivers Associations, Heavy Machinery Suppliers, Carriers…). Increase of the use of micro-installations amongst these consumers.

•  Rise of the awareness levels on benefits of using biodiesel within target groups and general public, throughout a one-month exhibition travelling from one city to another intended for general audience and organized in a very accessible and public spot, and an awareness and promotion campaign (radio and newspaper ads, interviews and posters…).

•  To be a reference for other European countries , who are interested in increase the production and consumption of biodiesel.

The expected overall result is a sensible increase of the production and use of biodiesel at the local level. In fact, in the short term the partners plan to realise a significant boost in the cultivation of energy crops in a close cooperation with farmers and local authorities. Medium to long term , the participant areas aim to increase the consumption of biodiesel to a 4-5% in 2010.


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