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46th International Agriculture and Food Fair in Gornja Radgona (Slovenia), 23–29 August 2008

The 46th International Agriculture and Food Fair took place from 23.8.2008 till 29.8.2008 in Gornja Radgona (Slovenia). The Fair have been visited by more than 135.000 of visitors. The Fair besides the international business activities has presented more than 100 events, where 40 of them were expert. Those events have connected technical and business themes and through the fun parts they have also presented to the general public the importance of healthy produce for people’s health and nature.

At the conference »Energy sustainable supply of the big farms» 28.8.2008 we have presented the PROBIO project and the production of biodiesel (micro installations), also the use of biodiesel. Within the project PROBIO we have promoted the micro installations and demonstrated the operation of micro installations in practice.

During the Fair RA Sinergija has presented a transport exhibition of biodiesel in the framework of the PROBIO project. There have been presented the advantages of biodiesel, crops for biodiesel production, potential of biodiesel in Pomurje region, as well as the promotional materials have been disseminated.

Expobioenergia 2007 Valladolid
Expobioenergia 2007 Valladolid
Expobioenergia 2007 Valladolid
Expobioenergia 2007 Valladolid

Promozione integrata della filiera del biodiesel

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