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PROBIO is a project financed by the IEE Programme (Intelligent Energy Europe) of the European Commission. It was approved in December 2006 and its total duration is 30 months since January 2007. As Europe is in real need of greener transport fuel, the project will focus on encouraging the integration between production and consumption in the biodiesel supply chain in European countries in general and in the five participant areas in particular: provinces of Burgos , Ávila and Huelva ( Spain ) and regions of Pomurje ( Slovenia ) and Abruzzo ( Italy ). This will be achieved by means of a three-pronged strategy, based on the development of concrete new market initiatives on the local level, promotion activities and training actions. Although there are several initiatives to establish biodiesel plants in the participating provinces, it is important to face the weaknesses of the biodiesel of supply chain.

The main barriers our project focuses on are:

- The lack of knowledge and information among farmers, which means a lack of raw material supply for biodiesel plants.

- The lack of awareness of the general public, local authorities and sectors related to transport about biodiesel use.

The work starts with an in-depth analysis of the biodiesel situation in the participant areas and then, the project will be developed by means a three-pronged strategy, based on:

It is necessary to promote new innovative market initiatives between Local authorities, producers, distributors and consumers.

It is important to teach farmers how to cultivate energy crops, which are not very common in participating regions yet.

Strong awareness campaign aimed to target groups promoting biodiesel consumption: exhibitions, info booklets, biodiesel points card etc.

Integrated Promotion of the biodiesel chain
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